Job Profile Optimization

Job Profile Optimization

Job Profile Optimization

Here are some ways by which you can optimize your job profile. First of all you need to make sure if there aren’t any basic problems with your profile like:

 1. Make sure your contact list is updated, it might seem silly but sometimes an update is all we need.

 2. Make sure all your job profile links are attached and can be viewed by prospective hiring people.

 3. Lastly make sure you have an intact resume and a bio that says something about you because a blank will give us just that “ blank” !

Now that we’re past doing all are basic checkups you need to ask yourself what is it that will grab attention to you? The answer is plain and simple – your Resume or CV. Now, there are thousands of resumes a hiring committee goes through, your CV need to stand out. Here are few tips on how to make a lucrative resume.

 1. Don’t be shy, if there was one time you had to show off this is the time . Mention your skills don’t hide them!

 2. Gain new skills If there is a field you are interested in & you think you can do better no problem just learn, its never too late. 

3. Flaunt your achievements You won an excellence award in 8th grade let them know! No achievement is small.

 4. Don’t Lie or Manipulate ! Yes as tempting as that sounds stick to the truth don’t be ashamed of a short resume, we all start somewhere and build as we go . Another major thing we bypass is are we applying to the right job? 

1. Check job requirements carefully and see if you are really fit. 

2. Its okay to start small, hitting for big job roles that you might not qualify for (yet) will mostly end up in a rejection which can be a major answer to why you’re not getting those calls. 

3. Before you choose and apply always remember to ask yourself what is it that you can offer them and not anyone else? Mention it in your CV why should you be hired?

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